STC#SA00160SE-Modified Instrument Panel per Ron and John’s Comanche Service

by John - August 5th, 2008

Only pictures can describe this monumental transformation.  The original Twin Comanche panel was great for the time but I wanted to had a standard layout of the six flight gauges.  I promise to had before and after pictures to show you the difference.  This modification took almost a month.  Probably close to two weeks of full time labor.  Ron and John’s Comanche Service were excellent.  We talked by phone and discussed the placement of every single piece of equipment.  After two or three full size faxes, we settled on the specs and the panel was delivered.  The old panel had to be cut out, the new panel needed screws drilled about every two inches all the way around the perimeter.  After mounting, all instruments were installed to check for fit, then completely removed along with the panel.   The insturment panel was powder coated and then reinstalled.

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